BEGHELLI Elplast, Czech Republic

Бегели Елпласт, Чехия

• The largest branch of Beghelli Group is Beghelli-Elplast • Today, Beghelli-Elplast has a dominant position in the technical and emergency illumination market within the Czech Republic • Beghelli-Elplast focus in all important eastern European markets including Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Baltic states, Russia and Malta • On the central European markets Beghelli-Elplast co-operate with…

BEGHELLI Monteveglio, Italy

Бегели Монтевелио, Италия

Beghelli S.p.A. is the Group’s mother company that is responsible for: • the strategies • commercial coordination • financial coordination of Beghelli Group. Beghelli headquarters is located in Monteveglio. Important parts of Headquarters are: • Center of Research • Development • Design and Engineering • Certification of Beghelli products, according international industry standards